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MSI CX640DX-469AU-IS52434G64S7P
SKU# AA45586, Model# CX640DX-469AU-IS52434G64S7P

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SKU # AA45586 | Model # CX640DX-469AU-IS52434G64S7P | Brand MSI

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MSI CX640DX Classic Series Notebook - Intel i5-2430M 2.4Ghz CPU - 4GB DDR3 RAM - 640GB HDD - 15.6" HD LED Backlight Display - nVidia GeForce GT540M Graphics - Webcam - DVD Burner - Gigabit LAN & 802.11 b/g/n - USB2.0 & USB3.0 - HDMI - 6Cell Battery - Windows 7 Home Premium - Silver (CX640DX-469AU-IS52434G64S7P)

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years Pickup & Return Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info:, 1300 222 688
Rating: 4.0 stars - 21 reviews

Refined Design
Inspired by top-of-the-line luxury sedans and a design concept integrating external quality and internal performance, MSI created the CX640DX, two laptop computers characterized by unassuming sophistication and beauty. The jet black and silver color choices and brush finish underscore the unparalleled elegance of the CX640DX.

Double protection for peace of mind
The CX640DX feature MSI’s own integrated software (Time Stamp technology) and hardware shock protection, providing two layers of data defense.

Rock-solid hard drive protection
To safeguard against damage due to drops, the hard drive is placed in the safest place in the laptop and then packed in reinforced protection to form a sort of “air bag,” providing solid protection.

Details designed with you in mind
Smart Brightness Adjustment for Optimal Lighting
The CX640DX automatically adjust screen brightness and power expended in accordance with the lighting in the surroundings, making computer use easier on your eyes, while minimizing power expended.

Friendly Function Smart System
The CX640DX differ from other laptops in that they sport intuitive function keys to make it easier to turn on/off or make adjustments using frequently used functions. (E.g., adjusting screen brightness or volume, turning on/off the webcam, wireless network, mute, and standby).

Instant scenario change
Press the Fn key twice consecutively to quickly and easily change default wallpaper to go with different use scenarios (work, meeting, personal, home). Now, you can personalize your screen to match the task at hand.

Clutter-free design
In the past, computer cable connector designs did not take user convenience into consideration, so cable connectors got in the way of the mouse. The CX640DX’s cable connectors are all on the same side for obstruction-free mouse use.

Cooler palm rest
Due to the all-new heat dissipation design, the palm rest areas on the CX640DX maintain a temperature close to that of the human body, so no matter how long you use your laptop, it still feels comfortable to the touch.

"Convenience first" I/O design
Commonly used I/O jacks, like USB ports, headphone jacks, and card reader slots, are placed where they are easily operated. Now, operating your computer is much easier as there is no need to hunt for frequently used I/O ports.

Winning performance
Boots up in half the time*
The CX640DX boot up twice as fast as traditional notebooks, cutting in half the amount of time you need to wait to actually start using your computer.
Battery recharging 1.5 faster*
The batteries in the CX640DX recharge 1.5 times faster than those in traditional laptops, getting you up and mobile again that much faster.
HiFre antenna performs better*
MSI’s HiFre antenna design makes the wireless in the CX640DX perform 1.3X better than traditional laptops, allowing them to find signals where other NBs can’t.

*Performance varies with different hardware specs and environments.

Intelligent power design
The CX640DX automatically switches mode to achieve ideal balance between graphics performance and extended battery life. When you are editing images or utilizing graphics-intensive programs, this smart technology automatically switches on for smoother operation. For less intensive tasks, the graphics mode automatically turns off, extending battery life.

SKU # AA45586 | Model # CX640DX-469AU-IS52434G64S7P

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