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Meze Rai Penta In-Ear Monitor Headphones
SKU# AC28911, Model# MRAI-PENTA


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SKU # AC28911 | Model # MRAI-PENTA | Brand Meze Audio

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Meze Rai Penta In-Ear Monitor Headphones - In-Ear Monitor Design - Penta Hybrid Technology Drivers - Frequency Response: 4 ~ 45,000Hz - Sensitivity: 110dB SPL/1mW - Impedance: 20 ohms - Materials: High Precision CNC Aluminium Chassis - Cables: MMCX to 3.5mm Rhodium-plated, MMCX to 2.5mm TRRS Balanced, 4.4mm Balanced, Braided MMCX to 3.5mm Silver-plated - Accessories: EVA Case, 8 Pairs of Eartips, 6.3mm Adapter, Airplane Adapter, Cleaning Tool - MRAI-PENTA - 2 Years Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years Limited Warranty
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· Penta Hybrid Driver technology delivers harmonised sound frequencies without overlaying of phase issues
· Airflow control helps regulate internal chamber pressure trough a finely tuned PES design in front and behind the driver assembly
· High precision CNC machined chassis, skillfully milled from solid aluminium
· A balanced sound signature with impeccable micro-detailing provides unrivalled realism across the wide frequency range
· Works effortlessly with any device due to its low impedance and high sensitivity

The Penta Hybrid technology allows the Rai Penta to deliver harmonized sound frequencies without an overlay of phase issues. For sound from the drivers to reach your eardrums it has to pass from through the housing/nozzle/eartip assembly. The seamless functioning of 5 drivers is enabled by the very specific and precise length of each sound tube which basically determines the air volume in front of each driver in particular.

Meze Rai Penta In-Ear Monitor Headphones - Desktop Overview 1

SKU # AC28911 | Model # MRAI-PENTA

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