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Mbeat White Ultra Slim Metal Bluetooth Keyboard
SKU# AA25047

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SKU # AA25047 | Model # | Brand Mbeat

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Mbeat White Ultra Slim Metal Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Tablets, HTPC etc

The current trends in technology have pushed developers to create products that deliver more power and take up less space. The ultra slim Bluetooth board has kept pace with consumer demand without sacrificing great design. No more typing out long text messages and emails with your thumbs. For the folks who need to keep up their workflow on-the-go (or just need to conserve space on their desk), this keyboard makes the perfect sidekick. It is easy to stash in a backpack, purse or laptop bag, and the user friendly bluetooth software keeps your devices connected and ready for use at the drop of a hat, without the hassle of creeping cables. Right on, write on.

Product Features:

• Ultra sleek, ultra stylish design
• Only 5.8 mm at its thinnest point
• Elegant stainless metal keyboard plate
• Bluetooth version 3.0 wireless technology
• Energy-saving rechargeable battery
• Long-lasting working and standby time
• Low noise with comfortable tactile experience
• Perfect to go with your smart phone, iPad™, Samsung Galaxy™ Tab, handheld tablet PC or home entertainment PC

SKU # AA25047 | Model #

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