Mains Surge Protector Double Outlet
SKU# AB78094, Model# MS4015

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SKU # AB78094 | Model # MS4015 | Brand Generic

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Mains Surge Protector Double Outlet

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

Mains surge protectors are a must for protecting valuable equipment against damage. Unknown to the majority of consumers, the voltage coming out of the power point can and will fluctuate daily, even without major occurrences like lightning strikes. These two mains surge protectors alleviate the majority of problems caused by these increases in voltage which damage delicate and expensive appliances connected to your power outlets.
Each model has three-way protection across active-neutral, active-earth and neutral-earth and is fully approved for electrical safety. Providing adequate protection against most surges in mains voltages, they can save you many times the cost of these units in repairs or insurance claims.
Two models available:
MS4015 - Double Power Outlet Protection
MS4017 - Single Power Outlet Protection and Phone Protection

SKU # AB78094 | Model # MS4015

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