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Mad Catz Cyborg S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard
SKU# AB47679, Model# PCASTR701060

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SKU # AB47679 | Model # PCASTR701060

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Mad Catz Cyborg STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard - Saitek STRIKE - TFT-LCD Touchscreen

Rating: 3.2 stars - 30 reviews

The Saitek Cyborg STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard gives gamers complete mastery with how they want to play their games.

Unlike conventional gaming keyboards that only boasts of mechanical, programmable keys, this Saitek Cyborg keyboard is designed to be adaptable to any gaming situation. It has removable parts that can be detached or added in, and comes with replaceable, backlit keys you can interchange to suit your gaming style.

Don’t need the numeric keypad or the Function Strip? No problem. Remove them and hide them away for later use. You also have the option of replacing the standard WASD and cursor keys with contoured or rubber-edged versions.

To really give you the competitive edge, the Cyborg Strike 7 keyboard has 24 programmable buttons (including the touch-screen and 4 button Function Strip) that can be toggled through three modes. This lets you set up an astonishing 72 macro commands!

To help you manage this sophisticated gaming keyboard system, the V.E.N.O.M. TFT-LCD Touch Screen acts as the main interface where you can assign macros, change backlighting, play multimedia files, launch apps and browse websites, and interact with your gaming community.

For the best gaming experience, get the Cyborg STRIKE 7 Gaming Keyboard today.



SKU # AB47679 | Model # PCASTR701060

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