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Lian-Li Black Blue Ring Mid Tower Case Black No-PSU
SKU# AA12101, Model# PC-B25FB

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SKU # AA12101 | Model # PC-B25FB | Brand Lian-Li

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Lian-Li Black Blue Ring Aluminum Mid Tower Chassis, ATX / M-ATX, 5.25" / 3.5" Drive Bays, 120mm & 140mm Fan, eSATA, USB 2.0, HD Audio, Black (PC-B25FB)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
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LIAN LI - Excellent Design
Lian Li redesigned the internal layout for a better thermal solution, PC-B25F uses large size cooling fans to remove the system heat faster and quieter as well as keeps the system more stable.

The cutting edge tool-less design is an important key feature in 2009 Lian Li cases. Lian Li designer considered end user requirements, like those who need to build systems faster, or swap out components often. The brand new tool-less modules can make Lian Li users’ life much more convenient.

The look of PC-B25F has no door panel design; users can access the external drive easier. The metallic plus the cold blue light bring out an unique style, give a flamboyant finishing touch to this outstanding high-end chassis.

Lian Li Fine Craftmanship Product
Lian Li manufactured PC-B25F in Taiwan. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. With accolades and awards stretching back for the last two decades due to the unique combination of hand-crafted aspects with advanced machinery. The complete effort used to create every Lian Li chassis is clearly evident in the superior craftsmanship to be found in each one.

The hardware installation with PC-B25F is very easy and simple. The front panel and top panel are detachable and they can be removed without tools.

The new PC-B25F is a mid-tower case, which is ideal for the latest graphics cards in combination with the best thermal dynamics.Easily adjustable to optimize your hardware setup. Especially in the advent of adding in new graphics cards, equipped with 8 PCI slots, can hold three or more graphics cards, supports CrossfireX™ and 3-way SLI™.

The new internal layout has the motherboard on top of the power supply unit, which allows for easier access to the motherboard as well as more room above, thus larger CPU coolers can be used. The power supply unit at the button of the case is cooled with fresh cool air directly from the outside of the case, instead of pre-heated air from within. This will bring down the core temperatures and extend the lifespan of the PSU significantly.

SKU # AA12101 | Model # PC-B25FB

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