Laser PW-METERBD Smart Power Board with Consumption/Readout Function
SKU# AA48182, Model# PW-METERBD

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SKU # AA48182 | Model # PW-METERBD | Brand Laser

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Laser Smart Power Series - Power Board With Consumption Readout & Master / Slave Function - Real Time Power / CO2 / Cost Consumption (PW-METERBD)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: http://www.laserco.net/, 02 09870 3388

This is not any 'ol power board. With the built in LCD readout you can see how much power / CO2 and money your appliances are costing you. Simply key in your $/kwh rate from your electricity bill and see how much those appliances are consuming.
Additionally to help you save power we've added in the popular master slave function. When you switch off an appliance plugged into the "master" socket (like the TV or your computer), those devices plugged into the "slave" socket (like DVD player, HiFi or printers /scanners) then turn off as well, eliminating standby power wastage.

Power Board with consumption readout & Master / Slave functionreal time power/CO2/cost consumption.

> Save money and reduce your carbon output by effectively managing your power usage.

> Read-out the real time power usage of any appliance in Dollars and Cents

> Review and store these results to help highlight high usage areas over time

> Reveal your real time and historical usage in Kilo-Watts per hour and your Carbon output

> Easily change the cost of electricity to suit your area, time or your rate of Carbon output

> Built in flash memory to store your usage data without the need for batteries

> The Smart Master Socket can suit devices with low current draw as low as 0 - 99 watts

> Overload, Surge, Spike and Line Noise protection rated at 30,000 Amps 1,050 Joules

> Supports a total appliance load of 10 Amps or 2400 Watts

SKU # AA48182 | Model # PW-METERBD

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