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Koolance Liquid Coolant Bottle High-Performance 700mL
SKU# AA16988, Model# LIQ-702YL-B

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SKU # AA16988 | Model # LIQ-702YL-B | Brand Koolance

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Koolance Liquid Coolant Bottle, High-Performance, 700mL (UV Yellow)

Koolance fluorescent yellow, high performance, UV reactive, non-toxic liquid coolant. Pre-mixed with corrosion and biological inhibitors. The bottle includes a flexible rubber funnel and small segment of 1/8" ID tubing to make reservoir filling easier.

The total amount is 700mL (23.67 fl oz), which should be a little more than you''ll need to fill a typical Koolance system. The recommended replacement period is every 2-3 years, or immediately if there is any change in color or clearness. Freezing point = -15°C.

SKU # AA16988 | Model # LIQ-702YL-B

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