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Kinesis Advantage360 Professional Bluetooth Split Mechanical Keyboard
SKU# AC75607, Model# KB360-PRO-GBR

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SKU # AC75607 | Model # KB360-PRO-GBR | Brand Kinesis Gaming

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Kinesis Advantage360 Professional Bluetooth Split Mechanical Keyboard - Adjustable Split - 3-Way Adjustable Tenting - Connection: Wireless Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) - KB360-PRO-GBR

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info:,

·  Adjustable Split
·  3-Way Adjustable Tenting
·  Integrated Palm Support
·  Compact Layout
·  Proven Contoured Shape

A fully split contoured keyboard

The all new Advantage360 Professional features the same great ergonomics as the base model, but without all the cables. Connect wirelessly with up to 5 Bluetooth devices, and ditch the link cable for even more freedom of movement. The Pro uses the open source ZMK firmware for vast customization options for power-users.

Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard

Adjustable Split

Separate and rotate modules independently to keep wrists straight and reduce ulnar deviation.



Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard

3-Way Adjustable Tenting

Tenting elevates the thumb side of the hand to reduce forearm pronation caused by flat keyboards.



Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard

Integrated Palm Support

Palm supports and cushioned palm pads* promote neutral typing position to reduce wrist extension.
*Sold separately



Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard

Compact Layout

Thanks to its tenkeyless layout, you can position your mouse to the side or in the middle for less “over-reach” strain.



Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard

Proven Contoured Shape

Hands and fingers are placed in a natural, relaxed position to shorten key-reach and reduce over-extension.



Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard

Signature Thumb Keys

Use stronger thumbs rather than weaker pinkies to access heavily used keys like Space, Backspace, and Enter.



Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard

Optional Fixed Split

Not ready for full adjustability? Attach the included bridge connector for the traditional Advantage separation



Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard

Vertical Key Configuration

Unlike traditional staggered keyboards, the orthogonal layout mirrors the natural motion of your fingers.



With a press of a button easily switch between 3 tent settings (low, medium and high) to reduce forearm tension. The low setting replicates the same tenting angle as the original contoured keyboards.

Kinesis Advantage360 Split Mechanical Keyboard




The fully programmable Advantage360 features Kinesis’s new-and-improved SmartSet Programming Engine that allows you to customize the keyboard’s layout without installing any clunky software or special drivers, or accessing the internet.
Record macros, remap keys, and much, much more using convenient onboard shortcuts. SmartSet works on all major operating systems and enables users to easily create, view, edit, share, and backup their custom layouts.

- 9 programmable layouts each with 5 programmable layers. Move between layers with a tap or a hold.
- Windows/Mac/PC Switchable (extra keycaps included)
- One-touch, onboard key remapping so you can customize the layout to suit your typing style and preferences
- Heavy-duty, on-the-fly macros up to 300 characters long. Choose from 9 playback speeds and add timing delays to ensure proper playback.
- All settings are saved to the keyboard’s 8MB flash memory.




Unlike the base model which uses Kinesis’ propreitary SmartSet Engine, the Pro uses open source ZMK firmware. Program the keyboard using the web-based configurator or simple text syntax. Power users can access the code on GitHub to build and share their own features.
Note: The Advantage360 Professional is designed for power users and is not nearly as easy to program as Advantage360 with SmartSet. ZMK does not support onboard programming so users who rely on that feature may not be satisfied with the Pro.


ZMK Configurator

The Advantage360 Professional GUI leverages an open-source, web-based application designed by Nick Coutsos. Add layers, customize actions, and configure basic macros.



Plug-and-Play compatible with all USB operating systems (no special drivers required)

- Windows 7-11
- macOS
- Linux
- Android
- Chrome

Multichannel Bluetooth & Rechargeable Batteries

- Wireless Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
- Range: ~30 feet
- Battery: 1500 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion (Estimated Lifespan: 3 years, we plan to offer replacement batteries for sale)
- Battery life: Backlighting On: 1-5 days / Backlighting Off: 1-3 months
- Multichannel: Switch instantly between 5 Bluetooth-enabled devices

Mechanical Key Switches (Gateron Brown KS-9)

- Peak Force: 55 grams
- Activation Force: 45 grams
- Travel Distance: 4.1 mm
- Keycaps are shine-through ABS plastic to allow for global white LED backlighting when enabled


- Width (with included 10″ linking cable):
- Min Separation: 15.25 inches; Max Separation: 21.25 inches
- Distance between F & J Keys: Min: 7.25 inches; Max: 13.25 inches
- Width of each module: 7.5 inches
- Depth (front-to-back): 8 inches
- Height: Min 2.75 inches / Max 4 inches
- Weight: 3 lbs 4 oz
- USB C Charging Cables: Braided, 6 feet 3 inches


SKU # AC75607 | Model # KB360-PRO-GBR

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