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iStyle Qi Wireless Charging Pad - Single
SKU# AB50436

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SKU # AB50436 | Model # | Brand Generic

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iStyle Qi Wireless Charging Pad - Single

Charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 Wirelessly
Please note requires iStyle Qi Charging Cards (sold separately)

The iStyle Qi Wireless Charging Pad lets you charge your Qi-enabled devices anytime, anywhere without the hassle of having to bring along cables and untangling them.

Implementing Qi (pronounced “chee”) inductive wireless power transfer technology, the charging pad has a 2.1A power output that can charge your smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices as long as they have built-in Qi support. However, in the event that your mobile gadget does not support Qi natively, purchase a Qi charging card (sold separately) and attach it to your battery to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging.

In addition, the iStyle charger also includes Overcurrent Protection (OCP) and Overvoltage Protection (OVP) ensuring your device does not get damaged from power supply spikes and transient voltage spikes. As an added layer of protection from overheating and unpredictable current overload instances,

Over Temperature protection (OTP) and Short-circuiting protection (SCP) are likewise included.

With the iStyle Qi Wireless Charging Pad you can now travel lighter and with less the clutter while being assured that your mobile devices can easily be re-charged when their batteries are exhausted.

Key Features of Qi Wireless Charging Pad Dual with USB Port

• Qi, pronounced as 'chee', the next generation Wireless charging technology for portable device
• New universal standard for inductive charging
• Designed to charge Qi-enabled device with built-in Qi or Qi-enabled accessories
• Suitable for Smartphones, Tablets, Nokia, Blackberry and other USB Devices
• Charges Qi compatible products
• Drop & charge, lose the cords & lose the clutter
• LED Qi charging indicator
• Dual Qi charging zone
• Comes with additional 2.1A USB charging port

Qi Wireless Charging pad incorporates with the most up to date wireless charging technology that you can simply charge Qi enabled devices without annoying cables. The portable battery charger with charging ports offer 2.1A power output, which definitely speed up the charging time. The compact item with light weight serves as the best option over travel. This device also features with Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP) as well as Short Circuit Protection (SCP), just to make sure you will have a 100% safe charging for your device. For any device that does not support the Qi wireless charging technology, you only need to apply a Qi charging card on the battery and that's it. The convenient and stylish design will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


• Wireless Transmission Power: Rate of 10W, Maximum Output 12W
• Dimensions: 97(H) x 97(W) x 12(D) mm
• Wireless Charger Input: 18V / 1A
• USB Interface Output: 5V / 2.1A

iStyle Qi Wireless Charging Pad Example

SKU # AB50436 | Model #

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