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i-Serv Scalable IP DECT Phone System with Roaming Capab
SKU# AA81572, Model# IS-BND1

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SKU # AA81572 | Model # IS-BND1 | Brand i-Serv

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i-Serv Scalable IP DECT Phone System with Roaming Capability – inc Base Station & 1x Handset

i-Serv''s IP-DECT VoIP cordless phone system is designed for small to medium size enterprises. This is a complete turnkey solution, offering a level of system scalability and quality not seen before in an SME solution in this technolocy class. You can start small and grow big - from 1 to 40 Base Stations and 1 to 200 handsets, with totally reliable, seamless call handover when moving between Base Station cells. All the handsets can be configured as extensions to the corporate IP-PBX, or you can set up the system ''standalone'', directly registered to a maximum of 10 SIP service providers.

Installation is straight forward, with Base Stations powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) single data/power cable connections and the system as a whole configured via an easy to access embedded we server. The i-Serv IP-DECT phone system offers a comprehensive feature set that we believe is superior to other products in its class. To mention a few of the highlights: DECT GAP, CAP and CAT-iq v1.0 (wideband audio) compliant; HDSP Wideband Voice compliant; G722 codec wideband audio support; a 12 Slot radio with up to 10 voice channels active per Base Station (i.e. 10 concurrent calls per Base Station); ''Over the Air'' Base Station/Handset synchronisation; DECT repeater support for extended Base Station range; 2" TFT colour handset display; Headset connector; Polyphonic ringtones and vibrating ring. And last but not least - i-Serv offers the best value and lowest price points currently availabe in a scalable IP-DECT VoIP phone system.

SKU # AA81572 | Model # IS-BND1

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