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Intel RS2BL080 Raid Controller 512MB Cache Raid
SKU# AA20940, Model# RS2BL080

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SKU # AA20940 | Model # RS2BL080

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Intel RS2BL080 Raid Controller, 512MB Cache, Raid 0 1 5 6 60, PCIe 2.0 x8, Low profile (RS2BL080)

Manufacturer Contact Info:, 1800 649 931
Rating: 4.0 stars - 6 reviews

The Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL080, a first-generation 6G SAS adapter incorporating LSI* MegaRAID* technology, offers unprecedented performance with exceptional data protection and design flexibility. Features including LSI SAS2108 6Gb/s RAID on Chip (ROC) silicon and a native PCI Express* Generation 2 architecture allow for significant performance gains for both 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s drive-based solutions. Data protection and availability are enhanced by new features including Decision Feedback Equalization for greater signal integrity, enhanced diagnostics, and more robust error reporting.

The Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL080 is a powerful internal 6Gb/s SAS, 3Gb/s, or 3Gb/s SATA RAID solution for mainstream use. It can connect up to eight SAS or SATA hard drives directly, or up to thirty two using SAS expanders. This adapter can also support an optional Intel® RAID Smart Battery, AXXRSBBU7, which protects cached data by providing power to the module in the event of server or power failure. Available in two models – a standard model and one with added Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) support.

SKU # AA20940 | Model # RS2BL080

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