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Intel BXTS13X Liquid Cooled Thermal Solution
SKU# AB65517, Model# BXTS13X

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SKU # AB65517 | Model # BXTS13X

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Intel BXTS13X Liquid Cooling Thermal Solution for Socket LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA2011-3, LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155 - LGA2066 - Patented technology to provide high performance cooling - Easy to install - 3 Year Warranty.

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: http://www.intel.com/, 1800 649 931
Rating: 4.3 stars - 118 reviews

Intel’s TS13X sealed liquid cooling thermal solution gives the utmost in system cooling. This extreme performance liquid cooling solution is geared for enthusiast usage models, enabling the user to unleash the power of Intel’s most flexible overclocking1 platforms.

The Intel TS13X features a 150mm x 118mm x 37mm radiator, which provides greater cooling performance compared to standard 1” thick radiators due to its larger surface area. The Intel TS13X also features the latest in copper cold plate design using state-of-the-art ultra-efficient heat transferring microchannels. These new and improved microchannels are able to transfer heat from the CPU to the liquid more efficiently than previous generations of microchannel and pin fin cold plates. This improvement in cold plate design allows for superior heat transfer without increased pump noise or compromised reliability

The Intel TS13X features a low profile pump that delivers higher liquid flow compared to traditional liquid cooling pump solutions. The pump, cold plate, and water block are integrated which reduces the number of connections and further improves reliability. Close coupling of the pump and cold plate enables simultaneous optimization of these two critical components to provide a truly great performance. Furthermore, this low profile pump minimizes the height and weight burden that the cooling solution exerts on CPU sockets and motherboards. The pump’s low height improves access and airflow through the chassis, while the pumps low weight reduces the risk of shock damage to motherboards. In addition, the rubber tubes carry a 50,000-hour lifecycle and are easy to bend, allowing for easier tube routing and installation.

The TS13X sealed liquid cooling system is compatible with LGA2011, LGA 1366, LGA115X which provides increased flexibility for the system builder.

At equivalent acoustic levels and at full processor power (130W) the TS13X can achieve a 7°C cooler CPU core temperature compared to Intel’s highest performance air cooling thermal solution2. In addition, the TS13X runs 10dBA quieter than the high performance air cooling solution in performance mode. Finally yet importantly, blue LED lighting effects provides striking visual effects and highlight the presence of liquid cooling through chassis windows

SKU # AB65517 | Model # BXTS13X

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