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Home Theatre Powerboard, Tele, TV, Video Protection
SKU# AA48158

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SKU # AA48158 | Model # | Brand Generic

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Home Theatre Powerboard with Mains Filter, Telephone, Video and TV Protection

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

Designed specifically for use in the lounge room or home theatre, this powerboard gives you the protection you need for your home theatre equipment. Surge protection and filtering are provided for the mains power to all your equipment, each socket is protected three ways through active, neutral and earth; not simply across active and neutral like cheaper models. Further protection is provided by the built-in circuit breaker. Not stopping there, this powerboard also has telephone protection (1 input, two outputs so doubles as a splitter), data protection for a network connection, satellite / cable TV video protection, and protection for the TV antenna.

SKU # AA48158 | Model #

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