Gunnar Phenom Amber Onyx Indoor Digital Performance Eye
SKU# AB45017, Model# GN-ST002-C001z

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SKU # AB45017 | Model # GN-ST002-C001z | Brand Gunnar

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Gunnar Phenom Amber Onyx Indoor Digital Performance Eyewear

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

Finished to exacting specifications and machine polished with high velocity micro particulates, the engineering behind Phenom is only outdone by one thing... its artistic style! Micro engineered lenslocks add both flexibility and flair. An exercise in creative contrast.

Gunnars are high performance prescription compatible computer eyewear optimised for the digital screen. Comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry tuned for specific viewing distances and finished with custom formulated lens filters, tints and coatings so Gunnar''s indoor eyewear delivers an immediate and noticeable advantage when viewing any digital LCD screen.

Designed to enhance contrast and visual performance whilst minimising screen glare and reflective light plus selectively neutralising the harsher parts of the colour spectrum, Gunnars computer eyewear technology is the result of intense study and research on the human optical system and its interaction with digital technology.

Essentially, the benefits of Gunnar high performance eyewear include reduced visual stress, augmented details and an environmental barrier blocking ambient air currents to alleviate dry eye effects.

SKU # AB45017 | Model # GN-ST002-C001z

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