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Glorious XL Extended Mouse Pad
SKU# AC07293, Model# G-P

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SKU # AC07293 | Model # G-P | Brand Glorious PC Gaming Race

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Glorious XL Extended Mouse Pad/ TCG Playmat - Black - 36 x 61cm - 3mm Thickness - Low Friction: Smooth cloth surface for speed and control - Anti-slip rubber base - Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities - Machine Washable - Spill Resistant - Ideal for low-DPI gameplay - Stitched Edges - G-P - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info:,

The Glorious XL Extended Mouse Mat/TCG Playmat (G-P) is designed to provide PC gamers with a smooth, gaming-grade mouse pad while giving trading card gamers a clean, level surface that protects their cards from being damaged.  Made with durable cloth material and implementing an anti-slip rubber base, the Glorious XL Extended mouse mat is versatile enough to be used by both the modern-day cyberwarrior and the highly-skilled TCG strategist.

Quality build

The mat comes sized appropriately, offering your mouse or TCG desk with a 3mm thick, 36 x 61cm surface area.  The low-friction cloth is tailored to enable fast mouse movements and excellent mouse control.  It also prevents expensive trading cards from being scratched.

The Glorious XL Extended Mouse Mat/TCG Playmat offers both gaming PC enthusiasts and trading card gamers a smooth and clean surface for their mouse and their cards.  Regardless of whether you are playing your favourite FPS or RPG game, or duelling against a Magic The Gathering or Yu-gi-oh expert, you can expect the Glorious GL Extended mat to protect your gear.


Read more about the Glorious XL Extended Mouse Mat / TCG Playmat on Glorious' site HERE.

SKU # AC07293 | Model # G-P

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