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Giada Slim N10 HD & Mini Desktop PC / Digital Media Player - Intel ATOM N330, 2G
SKU# AA35660, Model# Slim N10

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SKU # AA35660 | Model # Slim N10 | Brand Giada

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Giada Slim N10 HD & Mini Desktop PC / Digital Media Player - Intel ATOM N330, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD Graphic Card Geforce 9400M, Display Output : HDMI, VGA - Wireless - LAN - Card Reader - White

Featuring the advanced NVIDIA® Ion™, Giada Slim N10 is a new generation mini PC with strong function. Apart from super mini size, low power consumption, low noise and high efficiency, it supports high definition movie and direct x10 3D game, thus make it Giada Cube N10 becomes the most all mighty function PC for living room or sturdy room.

• Support 1080P high-definition
Featuring the NVIDIA® ION™ graphic solution, Giada Slim N10supports 1080P high-definition movie. Geforce 9400 GPU and CUDA 16 cores technology improves video encoding by 10 times. Game, movie…… it helps to enjoy your life.

• Ultra-slim
The book-sized pc only takes up small part of your table. It is even smaller than 1/30 of the standard desktop. The weight is less then 1KG, you can even carry it anywhere.

• For barebone, up to 4GB DDR2 RAM and 500G hard disk
You can choose the memory (max 4GB DDR2 RAM) and hard disk (max 500G) as your like and enjoy the fun of DIY.

• Compatitble with Windows Vista and Windows 7

• High definition PC in living room
With HDMI port, Giada Slim-N10 can be easily connected to LCD TV, speaker……to build up a high-definition home theater. Comparing with high definition hard disk player, N10 can provide more entertainment function like 3D game.

• Fashion PC in Study room
Comparing with the traditional desktop, the book-sized Giada Slim-N10 is more suitable for study room. Powered by Intel® Dual core Atom 330 CPU and Nvidia® Geforce 9400M GPU, it can be used for internet surfing, office using and 3D game.

• Home download center
With super low power consumption and mute effect, Giada slim-N10 can be used as a home 24-hour download center or normal server.

• Cost saving PC for Internet café and office
Giada Slim-N10 can be carried anywhere because of the slim size. The full combination of high definition PC and 3D game station makes it suitable as a power saving PC for internet café and office.

SKU # AA35660 | Model # Slim N10

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