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Genius G-Pen F509 Ultra Slim Tablet 5.25" x 8.75" Worki
SKU# AA24643

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SKU # AA24643 | Model # | Brand Genius

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Genius G-Pen F509 Ultra Slim Tablet - 5.25" x 8.75" Working Area - Exquisite Slim Pad - 1024-level Pressure Sensitivity

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

G-Pen F509 is the brand new slim tablet from Genius. It has a 5.25 x 8.75 inches working area with one cordless pen for PC Windows and MAC users to write, draw, sketch or sign emails. Using the pen tablet gives you ultra convenience and better control than your mouse. The cursor moves precisely where you position the pen. For the blooming Internet world, you are free to create your own style in Blog space or chat in MSN. Especially with G-Pen F509, it becomes easier to paint and create more amazing artwork. The tablet is in a suitable size to put on the desk or on your lap. There is a twenty-six programmable ¿Hot-Key¿ area for Office, Internet and Vista functions to be used for super shortcuts. The cordless pen features two buttons and 1024 level pressure sensitivity. While drawing with the digital pen, you can control all kinds of shapes and thickness easily. The two pen buttons can also be programmed as left and right mouse buttons. The battery life of the pen is up to one year and the pen holder keeps your pen nearby. With G-Pen F509, people who like drawing can save more time, eliminate paper, pens and brushes; bloggers will enjoy a more colorful and creative world; kids and elders can use the digital pen to write instead of typing. Let this chic device join your life.

SKU # AA24643 | Model #

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