Flip Video Soft Pouch 2 Pack (FVASP2CP1-UK)
SKU# AA01948, Model# FVASP2CP1-UK

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SKU # AA01948 | Model # FVASP2CP1-UK | Brand Flip Video

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Flip Video Soft Pouch - 2 Pack (FVASP2CP1-UK)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

The Flip Video Soft Pouch (2-pack) contains two sporty neoprene pouches to snugly hold and protect your Flip video camera. Each Soft Pouch includes a carabiner and bag loop. With the 2-pack Soft Pouch, you’ll never have to be without your Flip again.

Good to Go
• Compatible with all Flip video cameras
• Safely holds and protects your Flip video camera, protecting against scratching and scuffing
• Attach to your bag or personal gear with the Soft Pouch''s aluminum carabiner or back-side bag loop, so you can take your Flip video camera wherever you go
• Two color options (black and gray) allow you to mix and match with your Flip video cameras
• Each pouch features two detailed white racing stripes
• Each package includes two neoprene pouches and two carabiners

SKU # AA01948 | Model # FVASP2CP1-UK

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