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EVGA NU Audio Pro 7.1 PCIe Sound Card
SKU# AC36746, Model# 712-P1-AN21-KR

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SKU # AC36746 | Model # 712-P1-AN21-KR | Brand EVGA

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EVGA NU Audio Pro 7.1 PCIe Sound Card - Interface: PCIe x1 Gen2, Mini-DP - Playback Format (Analog): Up to 192kHz, 32bit (7.1/5.1/4.0), Up to 384kHz, 32bit (2.0) - Playback Format (Optical): Up to 192kHz, 24bit - Output: 7.1/5.1/4.0/2.0 Channel (Analog) - Signal-to-Noise (SNR): 123dB (Playback), 121dB (Record) - I/O: Stereo Out (RCA (L/R)), Surround Out (3x 3.5mm, Headphone Out (6.3mm), Line-In (3.5mm), Mic-In(3.5mm), Optical Out - 712-P1-AN21-KR - 3 Years Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty

· Music's Finest Conductor - Audio Note (UK) is well-known for its dedication to building audio products and testing in-house, but is perhaps even more famous for its zeal for audio perfection.
· The NU Audio Pro features a bold new cover design to remind you that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill audio card.
· The Seiryu capacitors, exclusive to the EVGA NU Audio Pro cards, are the progeny of Audio Note’s KAISEI Electrolytic Capacitor lineage.
· The NU Audio Pro card also features AVX F95 audio tantalum capacitors to lower distortion, create a darker background, yet still give a dense lush feeling to the audio.
· Headphone lovers have not been forgotten. The NU Audio Pro Card features an LT1469 op-amp for the headphone out, which provides a lusher and more high quality sound to the audio, bringing out great dynamics and sound-staging without the edginess or rough sounding qualities of other op-amps.


The NU Audio Pro Cards change the game once again. The pursuit of audio perfection on a PC takes another step forward with the introduction of a 7.1 Surround solution by EVGA and Audio Note. We took the solid foundation of the NU Audio Card, improved the component selections throughout, and matched it to a secondary card to provide surround support.

The result is an experience where critical listening sessions can yield to enjoyment, and where thinking will surrender to feeling.

EVGA NU Audio Pro 7.1 PCIe Sound Card - Overview 1


SKU # AC36746 | Model # 712-P1-AN21-KR

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