Ergonomic Ultra Comfort Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat - 55cm x 92cm x 1.5cm
SKU# AC20318, Model# IRC42-NMWABK01

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SKU # AC20318 | Model # IRC42-NMWABK01 | Brand Mwave

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Ergonomic Ultra Comfort Anti-Fatigue Standing Care Mat - Dimensions: 55cm x 92cm x 1.5cm - Net Weight: 1.7KGs - Designed to Relieve Discomfort in Feet, Knees & Back While Standing - Resistant to Fluids/Chemicals - Diamond Textured Surface - Made out of Polyurethane - Black

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

· Relieves discomfort on feet, knees, and back while standing
·  Easy to clean and resistant to fluids and chemicals
· Material: Polyurethane
· Dimension: 55 x 92 x 1.5cm
· Diamond textured on surface

The Mwave Anti-Fatigue Standing Care Mat (IRC42-NMWABK01) is designed to provide a comfortable surface for you to stand on while reducing and relieving discomfort from your feet, knees, legs, and back.  It covers a 55cm x 92cm surface area, allowing enough room for you to move your legs and feet without leaving the mat.  Its 1.7cm thickness helps cushion your body's weight, alleviating any stress experienced when standing. The mat is suitable for use with standing desks or with counters and benches in stores and kiosks for improved ergonomics

High-quality construction

The anti-fatigue mat is made of a high-grade polyurethane material, enabling it to be resistant against abrasions, fluids, and chemicals.  The surface is finished with diamond-shaped textures, letting you to stand and move without slipping. 


The Mwave Anti-Fatigue Mat goes great with the Mwave Height Adjustable Gaming Desk. The anti-fatigue mat and height adjustable desk can be bought separately or in a bundle HERE.

SKU # AC20318 | Model # IRC42-NMWABK01

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