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Enzatec SP305 2.0 Speaker 2x2.5W 3.5mm Plug
SKU# AA73334, Model# SP305OG

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SKU # AA73334 | Model # SP305OG | Brand Enzatec

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Enzatec SP305 2.0 Speaker - 2x2.5W 3.5mm Plug - Round-Rectangle - Powered by USB - Orange/White (SP305OG)

Connect these SPK-305 speakers to your computer or any portable MP3 players and you’ll find out that your music though these speakers are not normal anymore, they are better than normal. The king size chamber that is rectangular shaped with bevelled edges creates a better reflection on sound than a normal speaker, generating superior quality and better acoustic sounds. The 45mm speaker driver will boast the sound 10 times as much than other similar products thanks to its sophisticated aural design.


• Rectangle with bevelled edges – The perfect shape of a speaker that makes reflection of sound within the speakers brings a new level of excellence.
• 45mm powerful driver – with its large powerful speaker driver, the output of this speaker is greatly enhanced
• Air-release structure – With holes at the back of these speakers it releases extra pressure which also reduces the vibration that it produces.
• USB power – The 5 voltages per minute which is powered via the USB is enough to push these speakers, but it is that loud it feels as if it is being powered by something more

SKU # AA73334 | Model # SP305OG

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