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EcoFlow Relay Module 30A - Smart Home Panel

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SKU # AC61669 | Model # EFSH-RELAYMODULE30A | Brand EcoFlow

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EcoFlow Relay Module 30A - Smart Home Panel - EFSH-RELAYMODULE30A

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: https://au.ecoflow.com/,

EcoFlow Relay Module (Smart Home Panel)

Variety is key. The Smart Home Panel connects up to 10 home circuits for home backup, with different current ratings for different connected loads. 

Simple installation. After consulting your electrician and determining your backup loads, installing and replacing relay modules can be done with ease.

Replace without affecting other circuits. Each module has two modules and an overcurrent protection fuse for each circuit. That means you can swap one out without affecting the other circuits. If you need to swap a relay module, the EcoFlow app and the on-unit LED will notify you of any errors. 


Load planning: With a Smart Home Panel, selective loads are installed where they will be the most effective during power outages or energy savings management. Consider areas that would significantly affect comfort, such as refrigerator and lights, and choose the maximum of 10 selective loads from your breaker panel based on their efficiency in load.
Collect the load info: Determine the number and current rating of the load circuits that you plan to connect. Consult your electrician if you need support with this. 
Determine the relay modules needed: Choose the relay module that matches the current rating for the circuit breaker upstream of that load circuit. Recommended relay modules for regions: 15A, 20A, 30A for US and Japan.

How to install

Step 1

Remove the screws on the bottom, side, and top of the Smart Home Panel to remove the front of it.


Step 2

Contractors have installed the relay module at the spot that corresponds to the circuit they plan to use.


Step 3

Secure the relay module by tightening the two screws.







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