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DrayTek Web Content Filter Software Product Key
SKU# AB79980, Model# DVWCFA

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SKU # AB79980 | Model # DVWCFA | Brand DrayTek

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DrayTek Web Content Filter Software Product Key - Protect your network and users from undesirable web content - Improve productivity in the workplace by restricting web sites during work hours - Innovative Cloud technology with database updated in real time - Website classification triggered by every new site customers browse - Routine analysis of site dynamics and user behaviour determines scan patterns - Continuous tracking ensures accurate classification of each URL in real time


DrayTek’s Web Content Filter (WCF) blocks undesirable web content based on the configuration in the router. Any web site browse request is compared with a URL Filtering database provided by Commtouch’s GlobalView WCF which is updated in real time through the Cloud.

GlobalView classifies all websites around the globe into 64 categories that can be selected to be either blocked or permitted and be applied to the required user groups. For example, children at home can be prevented from accessing adult sites, or employees in the workplace can be restricted from accessing unrelated social networking sites during work hours.

Since website contents are constantly changing, GlobalView URL Filter is also continuously being updated to ensure on-going accuracy and protection to users.

Reason to Block Example
Potential threats Websites containing viruses, malware, phishing and zombies/bots, etc.
Anti-productivity Unproductive or unrelated sites for employees’ e.g. social networking.
Child protection Adult material for children e.g. pornography, gambling.
Illegality Illegal material downloading sites
Bandwidth Regulation

Unrelated website traffic, e.g. movies, music, etc., that consume network bandwidth of the organisation.


  1. Built-in Globalview URLF engine – Operates as part of the router firmware and cannot be disabled without administrative access to the router.
  2. Total of 64 categories classified into the following groups: Child Protection, Leisure, Business, Chatting, Computer-Internet and Other.
  3. All web requests through IP addresses and DNS are examined so they cannot be bypassed. If enabled the DrayTek router can block browsing by IP address altogether.
  4. Real-time updates – GlobalView URLF uses a dynamically built database with real-time connectivity to a scalable cloud-based repository, providing auto-updated classifications.
  5. High accuracy on classification algorithms for the database.
  6. Multiple classifications – Web sites with multiple categories can be correctly identified.
  7. Classification by page- Globalview will parse the whole URL to categorize different sections within a website.
  8. Embedded links checking– Prevents bypassing web controls by using parsing or translating websites.

Mechanism for Commtouch GlobalView URL Filtering (URLF)

  1. The DrayTek router receives a http request from a user.
  2. The router queries the GlobalView server to check the URL classification.
  3. The GlobalView URL engine built into the router checks its local cache for URL values; typically more than 99% of queries are locally resolved by the cache.
  4. If necessary, the GlobalView URLF engine queries the Commtouch Detection and Classification Centre for relevant updates.
  5. The router blocks, allows or strips content according to the class classification it receives from the GlobalView URLF engine and the configuration of the WCF.


  • 64 categories arranged into 6 groups:
    • Child Protection
    • Leisure
    • Business
    • Chatting
    • Computer-Internet
    • Other
  • 8 security related categories
  • Black/White list URL filter
  • Language-agnostic and content-agnostic; vast coverage of international sites
  • Database contains hundreds of millions of the most relevant URLs
  • Auto-adjusting cache
  • Handles >50,000 requests per second with low resource utilization
  • Returns up to 5 categories per URL in real time
  • Configurable cache footprint
  • Supports http protocol

SKU # AB79980 | Model # DVWCFA

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