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DrayTek Vigor2710ne ADSL2/2+ Router 4x LAN Ports 1x ADS
SKU# AA80440, Model# Vigor2710ne

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SKU # AA80440 | Model # Vigor2710ne | Brand DrayTek

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DrayTek Vigor2710ne ADSL2/2+ Router - 4x LAN Ports - 1x ADSL2/2+ Port - Object-based SPI Firewall - CSM - VPN Pass-through & IPTV - 802.11b/g/n WLAN, VLAN, QoS & TR-069

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

DrayTek realizes the ideal networking device for residential users should meet the infrastructure they are located, guarantee reliable services they need as well as the simple configuration /installation and decent appearance for their daily-use at home.

Keep this in mind, the Vigor2710e/ne is an ADSL2/2+ router with firewall features. Function-wise, it can provide secure Internet access and ensure high quality multimedia streaming for home entertainment through user-friendly configuration /installation in DSL environment. In addition, the eye-catching exterior design of Vigor2710e/ne makes a network device fit your interior design at home.

All in all, Vigor2710e/ne is ideal for residential users.

User-friendly ADSL2/2+ Router

The Vigor2710e/ne provides users with fast and stable access to the Internet by means of ADSL2/2+ broadband. The online-gaming, multimedia (audio/video)-streaming, file downloading, Internet surfing can be simultaneous available for family members. Its well-structured Web User Interface and Quick Start Wizard simplify configuration and management.

Let Vigor2710e/ne get the jobs done by itself without extra maintenance.

Comprehensive Security

Vigor2710e/ne is a compact ADSL2+ router, DrayTek also offers enhanced security protection for your network. The DoS /DDoS attack prevention, SPI, multi-NAT, DMZ host, Port-redirection, Open Port, and MAC address filter strengthens the security outside and inside the network.

While coverage of WLAN network is extended by 802.11n, the MAC address access control, WLAN isolation, the encryption methods of WEP/WPA/WPA2 consist of better wireless security. In considering easy-setup, the hardware WPS button lets users just single click to build up a secure WLAN network.

Make security without compromise or bothersome configuration.

802.11n WLAN network

The Vigor2710ne is embedded with 802.11n WLAN network, which offers users stable and reliable wireless connections for high speed multimedia and data traffic. Vigor2710ne is also backwards compatible with any IEEE802.11b/g Wi-Fi certified device.

Freedom with the latest wireless technology.


  1. ADSL Compliant
    • ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
    • ITU-T G.992.1 G.dmt
    • ITU-T G.992.3 ADSL2 G.dmt.bis
    • ITU-T G.992.5 ADSL2+
    • Annex L (READS)
    • Annex M
    • ITU G.997.1 /DPBO Downstream Power Back Off -For German environment
  2. ATM Protocol
    • RFC2684 MPoA (Multiple Protocol over AAL5)
    • RFC2516 PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet)
    • RFC2364 PPPoA (PPP over AAL5)
    • PPPoE Pass-through from LAN/WLAN
    • Transparent Bridge for MPoA
    • PPPoE/PPPoA Relay
    • Multiple-PVC: Up to 4 PVCs
  3. Wireless Access Point
    • IEEE802.11n Draft 2.0 Compliant
    • Wireless Client List
    • Wireless LAN Isolation
    • 64 /128-bit WEP
    • WPA /WPA2
    • MAC Address Access Control
    • WPS
    • Hidden SSID
    • WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia)
  4. Firewall
    • Multi-NAT, DMZ Host, Port-redirection and Open Port
    • MAC Address Filter
    • SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)
    • DoS/DDoS Prevention
    • IP Address Anti-spoofing
    • E-mail Alert and Logging via Syslog
    • Time Schedule Control
  5. Content Security Management
    • URL Keyword Filter (Whitelist and Blacklist)
    • Web Feature Filter (Java Applet, Cookies, Active X, Compressed, Executable, Multimedia File Blocking)
  6. Network Feature
    • IGMP Proxy/Snooping
    • DHCP Client/Relay/Server
    • Dynamic DNS
    • SNTP Client
    • Call Scheduling
    • DNS Cache/Proxy
    • UPnP
    • Routing Protocol
      • Static Routing
      • RIP V2
    • Second Subnet LAN
  7. Network Management
    • Web-based User Interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
    • Quick Start Wizard
    • CLI (Command Line Interface/Telnet)
    • Administration Access Control
    • Configuration Backup/Restore
    • Built-in Diagnostic Function
    • Firmware Upgrade via TFTP/FTP/WUI /TR-069
    • Logging via Syslog
    • TR-069

Hardware Interface


SKU # AA80440 | Model # Vigor2710ne

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