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DrayTek Vigor AP 1060C 4x4 Dual Band Wi-Fi Mesh PoE Ceiling-Mount Access Point
SKU# AC68385, Model# DAP1060C


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SKU # AC68385 | Model # DAP1060C | Brand DrayTek

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DrayTek Vigor AP 1060C 4x4 Dual Band Wi-Fi Mesh PoE Ceiling-Mount Access Point - LAN Port: 1x 2.5G/1G/100M/10M Ethernet, RJ-45 (PoE-PD Support) - Button: 1x Factory Reset Button - 2.4GHz Peak Speed: 1200 Mbps - 5GHz Peak Speed: 2400 Mbps - Max. Concurrent Active Users: 256 (128 per band) - Operating Mode: AP, Mesh Root, Mesh Node, Range Extender - Environment: Indoor - Mounting: Ceiling Mount / Wall Mount - DAP1060C

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years Limited Warranty

· Assisted Wi-Fi Roaming
· PoE Power Supply
· Wi-Fi Scheduling
· Airtime Fairness
· Band Steering

VigorAP 1060C is the most powerful wireless AP we’ve ever made. With 3.6 Gbps aggregated max rate, it’s suitable for high density environments. It can be cloud-managed by VigorACS, and also act as the master AP to manage up to 50 node VigorAPs in LAN. 


1 - Factory Reset Button

2 - LAN:2.5G/1G/100M/10M Base-T RJ-45 PoE-PD Support

3 - DC Power Input

4 - Security Lock

High Performance 802.11ax Wireless


New OFDMA Feature for 802.11ax (WiFi 6) wireless AP

Higher Transmission Efficiency with OFDMA

OFDMA has been used in LTE for many years, and is now available in 802.11ax for multi-user mode.

With legacy OFDM, each frame is transmitted across the entire channel width. When the transmission rate is low, this causes more latency and jitters and lower the overall efficiency.

OFDMA splits a single frame into groups of subcarriers, and each subcarrier can be sent simultaneously. With multiple access mode, it allows multiple users to transmit at the same time thus improving efficiency and enhancing user experiences in high density environments.

Third Radio for RF Analytics and Security

RF Analytics and Auto Channel

VigorAP 1060C has a dedicated third radio and can constantly monitor all channels for airtime availability and channel utilization. It presents 3 best quality channels for the administrator to select.

Wireless Security with WIDS

The AP constantly monitors the network for rouge AP. When an AP broadcasts an SSID that has been assigned, VigorAP 1060C will inform the network administrator.

Client Management with Captive Portal

Hotspot with External Captive Portal Server

Working as NAS (network access server), VigorAP 1060C supports the 802.1x standard. It can redirect new clients to the designated portal server to go through the hotspot login process and receive corresponding RADIUS attributes and perform bandwidth limit and time limit accordingly. This function is ideal for retail, restaurants, coffee shops, and hospitality to do WiFi marketing and learn more about their clients.

Mobile Device Management

Station List and Allow/Block List

The VigorAP records details of associated devices, including signal strength, airtime, link rate, data usage, etc. Network administrators can track clients’ connectivity and activities history on a panel. Allow/Block Lists can be created with MAC address or device type options to block suspicious activities.

Nearby Station Analytics

The VigorAP records signal strength against MAC addresses of both associated and non-associated devices nearby. This information helps network administrators to understand signal levels and network conditions for visitors, and to modify wireless network settings, such as access or client messages, for their business or organization.

AP-Assisted Roaming – built-in in all Vigor Access Points

Extend Transmission Range

When a Wi-Fi client moves out of its effective transmission range which is defined by the Basic Rate and/or Received Signal Strength threshold, the AP forces the Wi-Fi client to pick up a nearby access point with stronger signals thereby extending the range.

Improve Data Rates

When the “Minimum RSSI with Adjacent AP” option is set, APs or routers on the same local subnet will exchange client information with each other and switch to the AP or router that has the strongest signal, ensuring that data rates can be as good as possible.

Better User Experience

Instead of ineffective transmission with low basic rates or RSSI, the better links provide better user experience while saving the airtime.

No Controller Required

Assisted Roaming is a built-in feature in all Vigor Access Points and a number of Wi-Fi routers; it saves the need for an ad-hoc wireless controller and is an ideal solution for simple network deployments.


DrayTek Vigor AP 1060C 4x4 Dual Band Wi-Fi Mesh PoE Ceiling-Mount Access Point - overview 1




SKU # AC68385 | Model # DAP1060C

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