Deepcool GAMMAXX 300 CPU Cooler
SKU# AB54009, Model# CFAN-GAMMAXX300


SKU # AB54009 | Model # CFAN-GAMMAXX300

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Deepcool Gammaxx 300 CPU Cooler - 120mm PWM Fan - Intel/AMD Compatible - 3x Heatpipes - (CFAN-GAMMAXX300)

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Rating: 4.2 stars - 79 reviews

The Deepcool GAMMAXX 300 CPU Cooler (CFAN-GAMMAXX300) offers flexibility, efficient thermal management, broad compatibility, and easy installation.  Building on the capabilities of previous GAMMAXX CPU air coolers, the Deepcool GAMMAXX 300 features a reliable, high-quality heatsink with three high-quality heat pipes, a 120-mm PWM fan, and a universal mounting kit.

Excellent cooling performance

A sturdy heatsink with three heat pipes, along with the included turbine fan, provide efficient heat transfer and dissipation to protect your processor from overheating.  The heat pipes utilise Deepcool's Core Contact Technology (CTT) which makes each pipe come in contact with the processor for fast heat conduction.  The fan spins at a maximum rate of 1600RPM and generates a maximum airflow of 55.50CFM.  The GAMMAXX 300 gives you the option to add another fan if needed.

The Deepcool GAMMAXX 300 CPU cooler is a cost-effective processor cooling solution for mid-range workstations and high-performance PCs.  Its extensive compatibility with Intel and AMD sockets make it a wise choice for system builders assembling a system on a limited budget.


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Deepcool GAMMAXX 300 CPU Cooler - Desktop Overview 1

Equipped with multiple clips to support Intel LGA1366/1156/1155/1150/775 and AMD FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/K8. 3 sintered powder heatpipes directly touch the CPU surface and conduct heat from the processor quickly to protect it from overheating. ?120x25mm fan with PWM function offers a perfect balance between airflow and noise. Easy installation without moving the motherboard. High cooling performance up to 130W solution.

SKU # AB54009 | Model # CFAN-GAMMAXX300

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