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Datalogic Lynx D432E 2D Reader, USB 2.0, High resolution 1D, 2D and Postal codes
SKU# AA89047, Model# D432E

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SKU # AA89047 | Model # D432E | Brand Datalogic

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Datalogic Lynx D432E 2D Reader, USB 2.0, High resolution 1D, 2D and Postal codes, Hand-Held 2D Reader, omni-directional scanning, support most popular 1D, 2D, stacked and Postal codes, autodiscrimination of linear and 2D codes, image capture, intuitive aiming, multi-standard interface. (Lynx-D432E)

Datalogic, the leading European manufacturer of Hand-Held CCD and Laser readers, is continuously investing in 2D technology. The latest addition is the Lynx D432 Series. The Lynx family performs "omnidirectional" reading on a wide range of symbologies from the most common 1D and 2D codes to stacked and postal codes, improving productivity and efficiency in any application. In fact, with the Lynx the user captures the whole image of the object to be identified no matter how it is orientated, thus avoiding any alignment constraint between the reader and the symbol to be read. Furthermore, the Lynx 432 can be used for "image-based" applications like signature capture, OCR and so on. The captured image can be processed on board, or downloaded in different formats (.bmp, .jpg, .tif) for image processing on the host side. Also, the new image capture function allows complete image management. Up to 4 acquisition options allow image manipulation: zoom (from 20% to 200%), contrast, brightness (±100%) and windowing. Aiming at the image to be captured is really easy and intuitive thanks to the "double-click" trigger for Point & Read, and to the "five dot pointer" that marks the four corners and center of the reading area. All models are equipped with a multi-standard interface for connection to the host via USB (COM and wedge emulation), RS232 or Wedge emulation interface. Finally, the VisualSetup software tool included in the Lynx package allows easy configuration of all the parameters to personalize the reader for any application, as well as a quick view of the downloaded images.

SKU # AA89047 | Model # D432E

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