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Das Keyboard Space Pen

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Das Keyboard Space Pen (DK-SPACEPEN-BLKCLIP)

Space Pen is so stylish and versatile, you'll take it with you everywhere you go.

Space Pen performs everywhere. It writes upside down, underwater and even in extreme heat or cold, or if you happen to find yourself in a space vacuum. Its pressurized thixotropic ink changes from a solid to liquid when agitated. That alone is reason to own one.

The Das Keyboard Space Pen is a futuristic writing instrument that functions well regardless of the environment.

Thanks to its thixotropic ink, the pen does not need gravity to work properly. Millions of dollars were spent in researching its technology until the dream of having a pen that can write in zero-gravity came into fruition. . Since the ink is pressurized from within and changes from solid form into liquid, you can use it to write even when you are upside down or currently working in some extremely hot or extremely cold location. You can even use it to write underwater!

It comes in two designs. The first implements a modern, sleek and curved look while the other comes with a clip and goes for the traditional classic look.

Composed of heavy duty materials built to endure extreme temperatures (between -30ºF to +250ºF) the pen comes at a reasonable price with a lifetime warrantee.

With its iconic and elegant design, balanced weight, and excellent writing performance, the Das Keyboard Space Pen is one impressive writing tool to have in your pocket, ready to use anywhere and anytime.

Product Specs

  • Matte black finish
  • Ink cartridge lasts three times longer than a standard ballpoint
  • Tungsten carbide ball with a precision steel socket prevents leaking
  • Length: 5.25″ when open, 3.75″ when closed
  • Writes underwater, upside down and at any angle
  • Performs in temperatures from -30ºF to +250ºF
  • Replaceable pressurized ink cartridges
  • Visco-elastic black ink
  • Textured aluminum outer casing
  • Inner brass fittings
  • Includes protective black display case
  • Lifetime warranty 


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