CyberClean Home & Office Equipment Cleaner Pop-Up Cup 145g
SKU# AA01067, Model# 25055

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SKU # AA01067 | Model # 25055 | Brand CyberClean

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CyberClean Home & Office Pop-Up Cup 145g / 4.8oz (25055) - Perfect For Cleaning Any Equipment Surface with Difficult to Reach Gaps

Home and Office Application
It''s impossible to keep our household appliances, electronic devices, and office equipment free from dirt and dust in the difficult to reach areas that are touched every day.

These tiny dust and bacteria particles are the leading cause of many common illnesses. Children''s toys are dirty and they touch their hands and their mouths, making the chances of sickness even greater for children.

Cyber clean is here to solve the problem. From now on you can always be able to have a clean and comfortable enviroment that is completely free from bacteria!

How to use Cyber Clean
Cyber clean is made of a soft, Flexible material that is simple to use. Take it out of the package or container and press firmly down on the dirty surface and pull back slowly, bringing all the dust and dirt with it.

The color darkens gradually the more you use Cyber Clean. Please refer to the color changing scale printed on the outside of the package that indicates when it''s time to purchase a anew Cyber Clean.

Cyber Clean comes in a re-sealable package. It is important that your Cyber Clean is placed in the original package after use. If the original container is not available, place Cyber Clean in a zip bag that can be sealed.

SKU # AA01067 | Model # 25055

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