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Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset
SKU# AC71548, Model# CGR-SPETTRO-B01


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SKU # AC71548 | Model # CGR-SPETTRO-B01 | Brand Cougar

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Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset - Drivers: 40mm Hi-Res Titanium - Sound Mode: Stereo / ANC / Ambient Sound - Frequency: 20Hz~40KHz - Sensitivity(dB/mW): 116plusMinus3dB - Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz - Bluetooth Mic Type: Unidirectional, Noise Cancellation - In-line Mic. Type: Omnidirectional - Battery: Up to 14 hours - 3.5mm Wired Connection - USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable - 3HW55B40B.0001 - CGR-SPETTRO-B01

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

· ANC - Active Noise Cancellation
· Dual Mode - Bluetooth / 3.5mm
· Ambience Amplify
· 90 Degrees Spin Mechanism
· 40mm Hi-Res Titanium Drivers

SPETTRO Active Noise Cancellation Headset

The COUGAR Spettro is a Bluetooth® certified wireless headset equipped with active N. C., noise cancellation, and ambient amplification functions, allowing you to fit any incident you encounter. Moreover, the Wire 3.5mm connection keeps you playing with the lossless delay with entertaining EQ and a crystal clear microphone. Therefore, the Spettro is the headset for the gamer indulging in lifestyle.

Experience Audio Precision

The Spettro headset offers versatile sound settings to enhance your gaming experience. Equipped with multiple sensors, the Active Noise Cancellation feature filters out external noise, allowing you to stay at your most focused; the Ambience Amplify function enables you to hear ambient sound without removing the headset.



Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Active Noise Cancellation (N.C.) mode eliminates consistent background noise, allowing you to focus entirely on your gameplay.



Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

With the Ambient Amplify, you can hear your surroundings without removing the headset and stay fully aware of your surroundings.



Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Dedicated to Sound

The COUGAR Spettro headset features multiple layers of sound architecture, providing a melodic and true-to-life frequency range. Its 40mm driver, with a selected titanium-coated diaphragm, offers optimal feedback for various applications, from music streaming to mobile gaming.

Switch between standard, Active NC or Ambient Amp modes with the touch of a button.



Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Never Miss a Beat

The COUGAR Spettro headset has microphones for both Bluetooth wireless and 3.5mm wired modes. Even if you're playing with a low battery or prefer a wired connection for reduced latency, your vocal sound quality will never be compromised. Stay connected and communicate clearly with the Spettro headset.

- Bluetooth Wireless: Microphone on the ear cover

- 3.5mm Wire: Microphone on the cable



Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Unmatched Comfort

The Spettro gaming headset offers comprehensive comfort features, including memory foam earpads and versatile joints.



Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Long-Lasting Power

The Spettro gaming headset delivers excellent power performance, with a 14-hour operating battery for standard listening and 12 hours for Active Noise Cancellation whether gaming through the night or taking the red-eye, the Spettro headset is built to last and provide uninterrupted audio.

Operation Time - 14 Hours

Active N.C. or Ambient Amp. - 12~13 Hours

Charging Time - Close to 3 Hours



More Features:

Convenient Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Connection

40mm Hi-Res Titanium Drivers

3.5mm Wire Connection with Mic for Lag-Free Experience

Active Noise Cancellation for Soundproofing

Ambient Sound Amplification

Fusion Earpads: Cloth Fabric and Leather

Spinnable and Foldable Mechanism for Easy Commute

14-hour Operation, Quick Charge 15 mins for 1.5 hrs 



Cougar Spettro ANC Bluetooth Wireless Headset

SKU # AC71548 | Model # CGR-SPETTRO-B01

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