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Cougar Forza 85 Essential Single Tower CPU Air Cooler
SKU# AC61251, Model# CGR-FZAE85


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SKU # AC61251 | Model # CGR-FZAE85 | Brand Cougar

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Cougar Forza 85 Essential Single Tower CPU Air Cooler - Fan Dimensions: 120x120x25mm - Compatibility: Intel Socket; LGA 115X/1366/1200/1700/2011/2066(Core i3/i5/i7/i9 CPU), AMD; AM5/AM4/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 CPU -Noise: 34.5 dB(A) - Airflow: 82.48 CFM/143.53 m3/h ( 10%) - Speed: 600-2000 RPM200RPM - Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing - CGR-FZAE85

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years Limited Warranty

· Extremely Hyper Fan
· Vacuum Tunnel Design
· Nickel Clad Copper Base
· Excellent Compatibility
· Under 160mm Height

As a single tower air cooler for mid/high-level CPUs, Forza 85 Essential is paired with a high-performance fan, providing users with an optimum balance between ultra-silent operation and extremely cooling. Forza 85 Essential is absolutely built for most performance users. (minor overclock setting capable).   

Extremely Hyper Fan With 2000 RPM(max)

Forza 85 Essential is equipped with a high-performance fan. The fan speed is capable of reaching up to 2000 rpm, it provides high airflow & high static pressure to achieve an optimum balance between ultra-silent operation and extremely cooling. Making it the perfect partner with the Forza 85 Essential that delivers outstanding performance.

Vacuum Tunnel Design

To further enhance the efficiency of heat dissipation, Forza 85 Essential was designed with a 90-degree flip shape on both ends of the fins on the heatsink. This closed space design creates an air tunnel that shuts off airflow from the sides of the radiator, and in turn, causes different air pressure on both sides of Forza 85 Essential. This air pressure difference boosts the airflow through the fins for maximized cooling efficiency.

Nickel Clad Copper Base With 6 Heat Pipes

With a highly polished copper surface, reflow soldering craftsmanship, and six heat pipes of 6mm diameter, Forza 85 Essential provides excellent heat dissipating capacity, enough for most users.

Excellent Compatibility

Through design verifications and installation tests, Forza 85 Essential has superior component compatibility on RAM/GPU (including LGA1700/LGA2011/2066 sockets) of most brands with ease. Users can choose the components of choice without any concern.

Under 160mm Height

Forza 85 Essential can be installed in most multi-functional mid-tower chassis that support ATX / E-ATX motherboards with a height restriction up to 160mm, making Forza 85 Essential an excellent choice for those who love PC DIY.

Dual Fan Acceptable

Forza 85 Essential comes with an additional set of fan clips that allows for a second 120 mm fan of any brand to increase the heat dissipation efficiency of the Forza 85 Essential.

User-friendly Installation

To improve the overall installation experience, Forza 85 Essential comes with an INTEL/AMD bracket set, that can be easily installed in only a few simple steps. A screwdriver is also included in the package for users to use directly without any prerequisite.


SKU # AC61251 | Model # CGR-FZAE85

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