CD Player/Encoder with USB / SD and Remote
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SKU # AA01333 | Model # | Brand Generic

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CD Player/Encoder with USB / SD and Remote

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

Rip CDs straight to an SD card or memory stick. You can also record from an external source like an instrument, microphone, turntable, iPod or MP3 player without the need for a computer, mixer or multi-track recorder, or you can record directly with the built-in stereo condenser mic. You can also use it as a conventional CD player or play back from a USB or SD card source through the built-in amp and speaker, or pipe it through the line-level stereo outputs to an external amp or mixer. This is one of the most versatile tools a musician or DJ could ever own, or you could just use it for archiving CDs without the need for a computer.

• Backlit LCD
• CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3-CD/WMA-CD playback
• USB & SD/MMC card slot
• CD ripping 1x or 2x
• Encode MP3 with adjustable bit rate
• Built-in stereo condenser mic
• Mic record level control
• Encode from aux-in / line-in
• Headphone output
• Line-level stereo outputs
• CD Play list up to 32 songs
• Supports USB devices up to 2GB
• Dimensions : 250(W) x 185(H) x 75(D)mm

SKU # AA01333 | Model #

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