Capax Glossy Waterproof Full Surface DVD-R
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Capax Glossy Waterproof Full Surface White Inkjet Printable DVD-R - 4.7GB - 100 pc - 8X

Capax Glossy Watershield Inkjet printable DVD-R has a specially formulated inkjet printable surface developed by Capax with manufactures to produce excellent photo glossy finish with ultra sharp finishing. The regular glossy DVD-R found in the current market tends to have bleeding of colours which reduces the sharpness of image and also Stickiness is a common complaint. Capax glossy water shield inkjet printable DVD-R provides superior ink absorption and excellent drying properties. Capax glossy Water shield DVD-R has excellent ink absorption and no colour bleeding. Optimal result is achieved after 2 days and is maintained thereafter. The result is a smooth tactile finish similar to that of a thermal printed discs. Colours are vibrant, sharp and have a pearly finish similar to that of an offset printed finish. Most importantly, no bleeding and no stickiness, all this for under $0.35 ex GST , even less with bulk buy.•


• Photo glossy finish with Ultra sharp finishing
• No Colour bleeding
• Smooth Pearly gloss finishing similar to offset printed discs
• Colour are Vibrant and Sharp
• No stickiness
• Excellent Ink Absorption

SKU # AA15343 | Model #

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