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Bundle Deal: MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base + MOZA FSR Steering Wheel
SKU# AC75814, Model# AC68185+AC68195

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SKU # AC75814 | Model # AC68185+AC68195 | Brand Mwave

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MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base + MOZA FSR Steering Wheel

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



9 N·m of Torque from a Direct Drive Servo Motor
The R9's 9N·m of torque can simulate a full range of steering forces and car handling characteristics.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



Minimum Weight & Maximum Torque
It adopts the designing principle of Maximum & Minimum, which means outputting maximum torque with the most compact body size and mass.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



MOZA Pit House
See What you Feel
The R9 can simulate different driving experiences.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base


Race in Limited Space
Use the table clamp to mount the MOZA R9 to a table or desk.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy Housing
Unmatched quality and durability. The MOZA R9's whole housing is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



Smart Temperature Control System
Our advanced system continuously monitors the temperature of the motor and electronic components and employs intelligent temperature control strategies to deliver stable and reliable performance in all circumstances.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



Zero Latency Wireless Technology
Wirelessly transmit data and power between the steering wheel and the base.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



Quad Core Architecture
No matter how complex the force feedback calculations get. The unique Quad CPUs can reliably process the task at maximum precision.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



APP Cloud Control
The settings of the wheel base, steering wheel, pedals, etc. can be modified through the MOZA APP. Settings can be imported with one click onto new simulators.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



Compatible, Customizable
MOZA R9 V2 is fully compatible with the entire MOZA ecosystem.
MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base



MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheel Base


280mm Formula Wheel, Built for Ultimate Racing

The MOZA FSR wheel is a formula style racing wheel. A 280 mm sim wheel designed for maximum immersion and ultimate racing experience.

4.3-inch Built-in Digital Dash

A 4.3-inch built-in digital dash with 800*480 resolution display all the essential info racers need to know in the heat of competition.

15 Dash UI Interfaces

Inspired by real racing cars, our redesigned interface adopts a new, flat style, with 15 different configurations possible, so drivers can get the essential information when they need it most: speed, RPM, gears, tire temperatures, relative times, current or fastest lap times, fuel, ERS levels, vehicle status, damage, DRS and much more.

Perforated Leather Grips

The FSR perforated leather grips have a premium feel and classy taste compared with rubber.

Carbon Fiber Magnetic Dual Clutch Paddles

The FSR wheel features carbon fiber magnetic shifter and dual clutch paddles. In addition, the clutch paddles can be set as dual-clutch mode, single-clutch mode, and programmable switches.

Get perfect visualized dual clutch starting technology in professional racing games like iRacing or F1. The paddle induction adopts non-contact Hall electromagnetic induction technology, which is highly stable, meaning no more miss-shifts or damage to your vehicle.

Customised Quick Release

MOZA's quick release system ensures a seamless wheel transition in seconds. Enjoy a stable, solid connection that works across the whole MOZA Racing ecosystem.

On-the-fly car adjustments are faster than ever with thumb knobs and band switches access. Make rapid changes to brake bias, traction control, engine maps, ABS, and more. The two joysticks allow for full menu navigation, meaning you can keep your hands on the wheel and never miss a beat.

Customisable RGB RPM and Shift Indicator

With ten high-brightness RGB LEDs, enjoy the ability to customize your RPM or shift indicators with seven different color choices, allowing for a unique touch to your racing setup.

Optimised, Ergonomical Design

A comfortable but firm grip gives the FSR wheel a true-to-life racing feel. Even in the face of MOZA's R21 torque, a driver has quick access to all adjustments they need to make in battle, with carefully placed joysticks, buttons and switches.


SKU # AC75814 | Model # AC68185+AC68195

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