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Bundle Deal: Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset + Gigabyte AORUS M4 Gaming Mouse
SKU# AC55247, Model# AC40615+AC25920

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SKU # AC55247 | Model # AC40615+AC25920 | Brand Mwave

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Gigabyte AORUS M4 Optical Gaming Mouse - Ambidextrous Design - Up to 6,400 DPI - Up to 1000Hz Report Rate (125/500) - Sensor: Pixart 3988 Optical Sensor - AORUS M4 + Gigabyte AORUS H1 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset - Virtual 7.1 Channel - Unidirectional Microphone - 50mm Headphone Drivers - Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz (Headphones) - AORUS H1

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Years Limited Warranty
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Simulating 7 surround sound directions is very important for professional gamers to listen to an accurate position during the game. Listen to the more delicate and precise spatial directions, and preemptively get the first kill.


AORUS M4 boasts an enthusiast-grade 6400 dpi optical sensor (Pixart 3988), capable of 200 ips and 50G acceleration, that gives you the ultimate accuracy for competitive gaming. Adjustable in 50 dpi increments further allows you to make seamless transition from your old mouse by fine-tuning to the level that precisely fits your play style.

The symmetrical design of the AOURS M4 is designed for both hands. It is comfortable for either hand, due to the perfect weight-balanced design, ergonomic shape and 2 pairs of side buttons.

Gigabyte AORUS H1 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset - Overview 1

Gigabyte AORUS M4 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse - Overview 1

SKU # AC55247 | Model # AC40615+AC25920

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