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Brateck 24x36" Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat with Handle
SKU# AC53637, Model# STM02-4

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SKU # AC53637 | Model # STM02-4 | Brand Brateck

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Brateck 24x36" Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat with Handle - Ergonomic - Rubberized-Gel Foam - Anti-Slip Surface (Front & Back) - Trip-Resistant Beveled Edge - Water-Resistant Material - Dimensions: 610 x 915 x 19mm - STM02-4 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

24" x 36" Anti-fatigue Standing Mat with Handle

There are many daily situations in which the use of this anti-fatigue mat will help you: doing the laundry, cooking, working on your laptop at work or at the office, studying, carpentry or other DIY works and all jobs that require standing for long periods of time, such as receptionists, waiters, shop assistants or hairdressers. Anti-fatigue mat is designed to reduce fatigue on legs, back and feet by providing better pressure distribution and significantly reducing contact stress. It improves working efficiency more than by 30%, feel relaxed all body, improve your health and safety index.


 - Ergonomically Engineered Shock Absorption: stimulates blood circulation, provides strong sole support, and reduces fatigue and pain on legs and feet caused by prolonged standing
 - Rubberized-Gel Foam: provides unmatched tensile strength to resist tearing and enhanced durability for high traffic areas to ensure the mat will not break down or compress over time
 - Anti-Slip Surface (Front and Back): reduces slipping risks and ensures mat stays in place even in heavily trafficked areas
 - Trip-Resistant Beveled Edge: ensures mat will not curl-up, reducing risk of trip hazard to the user and provides 18° angle for an office chair to roll on and off with ease
 - Water-Resistant Material: can be vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth

SKU # AC53637 | Model # STM02-4

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