BenQ ZOWIE Camade Mouse Bungee
SKU# AB81446, Model# CAMADE

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SKU # AB81446 | Model # CAMADE | Brand BenQ Zowie

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BenQ ZOWIE Camade Cable Management Device - Unique Adjustable Spring allows Users to Select an Optimal Height - Rubber Feet Provides Stability and Solid Grip to Table - Light Weight with a Mobile One-piece Design - Rubber Clip Compatible with Most Mouse Cables

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
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· Guarantees that the cable does not get caught or entangled while moving the mouse
· Unique adjustable spring allows users to select a comfortable height
· Rubber feet provides stability and a solid grip
· Unique design allowing for convenient mobility
· Rubber clip compatible with all types of mouse cables


The ZOWIE CAMADE is an adjustable cable management system that prevents the entanglement and dragging of your mouse cable across your mouse pad. The unique adjustable spring design allows you to set the height and distance that suits your setup. It is designed to be strong and mobile with a one-piece design. The rubber clip will fit most mouse cables and keeps them fastened in place.


  • Guarantees that the cable does not entangle with mouse movements
  • Unique adjustable spring allows users to select an optimal height
  • Rubber feet provides stability and solid grip to table
  • Light weight with a mobile one-piece design
  • Rubber clip compatible with most mouse cables

SKU # AB81446 | Model # CAMADE

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