AVLabs VL682 Music Studio Convert Music Capture Music
SKU# AA01342, Model# AVL682

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SKU # AA01342 | Model # AVL682 | Brand AVLabs

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AVLabs VL682 Music Studio - Convert Music - Capture Music

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

Do you have old vinyl records and cassettes that haven’t been used in years but can’t bear to part with? They can now be restored into digital format with the newly released Music Studio from AVLabs. The AVLabs Music Studio records directly from a home stereo to computer, allowing you to save and restore your classic music collections in crystal clear high fidelity. Supporting high quality playback with S/PDIF connection, users can connect any analogue or digital device, such as a microphone, LP player, cassette deck, camcorder, gaming console or DVD player, to their PC through the Music Studio, turning their computer into a powerful recording device.

• Convert Analogue Music to Digital Format
Convert old LPs and cassettes into MP3 format so you can store them on your PC or transfer to your iPod.
• Capture Music from a Wide Variety of Sources
Capture the background music of any films, advert jingles or music that you would like to listen to again and again.
• Combine your PC and Stereo to Create the Ultimate Home Entertainment
Connect your Hi-Fi stereo and PC to create a home entertainment system.
• Capture and Mix Your Voice with the Music Simultaneously
Create your own podcast program and compile a list of your favourite music.
• Easy software: Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 LE (Audio Only)
Using Music Studio 715 along with one of the best selling in Digital Media software, Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 LE, you will be able to: Create perfect mixes for any mood or occasion Add smooth transitions and automatic volume adjustments for studio quality sound. Convert your old LPs and cassettes into CD and DVDs, automatically identify and extract each soundtrack.

SKU # AA01342 | Model # AVL682

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