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Areca ARC-1300ix-16 PCIe to SAS/SATA NonRAID Controller
SKU# AA20959, Model# ARC-1300ix-16

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SKU # AA20959 | Model # ARC-1300ix-16

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Areca ARC-1300ix-16 PCIe to SAS/SATA Non RAID Controller - 8x External & 16x Internal Ports

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

Areca offers the most complete line of SAS host adapters. The host adapter card enables large-scale direct attach storage (DAS) arrays through external 3Gb/s ports, driving up to 128 end-point devices for Min SAS connector or driving up to 16 SATA devices for eSATA connector. The host bus adapter drives external server storage RAID and non-RAID enclosures with unprecedented throughput by connecting a four-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express bus with option one external x4 SFF8088, one internal x4 SFF8087 and two external x4 SFF8088/four internal x4 SFF8087 miniSAS connectors.

Adapter Architecture
• PCIe x4 bus
• PCI express specification, revision 1.0a
• Support SGPIO interface for ARC-1300ix-16
• BIOS PnP(plug and play) and BBS(BIOS boot specification) support
• RoHS compliant

RAID Features
• 3Gb/s per port
• x4 external SFF-8088 mini-SAS connectors
• x4 internal SFF-8087 min-SAS connectors
• 4 x eSATA connectors for ARC-1300-4e
• Staggered spin-up, Hot Plug and Native Command Queuing (NCQ) for SATA II
• x4 Lane, 2.5 Gb/s PCIe
• Connects to SAS and SATA HDDs, tape drives, SSDs
• Address up to 128 total end-point devices via SAS expanders

• Areca BIOS setup utility
• Enclosure management (SES2 and SGPIO) ready
• System status indicates through global HDD activity/fault header and individual activity/fault header

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 3.0Gbps
• Serial Attached SCSI (SAS-1.1) compliant
• Supports wide port (Any combination of x1, x2, and x4)
• Supports Serial SCSI Protocol
• Supports SAS Management Protocol (SMP)
• Hot-plug capability
• Staggered Spin-up control

Serial ATA 3.0Gbps
• 48 bits LBA, support HDD partition larger than 137GB
• Fully compliant with Serial ATA II (3Gbps) compliant, with speed negotiation Serial ATA 1.0a (1.5Gbps) specifications revision 1.1
• Supports external SATA voltage levels
• Hot-plug capability
• Supports Serial ATA II Port Multiplier 1.0 Specifications revision1.1
• Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
• Output swing control

SKU # AA20959 | Model # ARC-1300ix-16

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