APC AR7715 NetShelter SX Side Air Flow Duct Kit For 750mm Wide Enclosures
SKU# AB83369, Model# AR7715

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SKU # AB83369 | Model # AR7715 | Brand APC

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APC AR7715 NetShelter SX Side Air Flow Duct Kit For 750mm Wide Enclosures

Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info:, 1800 652 725

The Side Airflow Duct Kit directs cool air from the front of the enclosure into the intake of side airflow equipment such as networking switches. Air is directed by two, 2 U ducts, mounted in the u-space of the enclosure directly above and below the equipment and a side baffle is used to maintain adequate separation of hot and cold aisles.

Includes : Foam gasket strips, Installation guide, Networking switch mounting shelves, Rack mounting hardware, Side airflow ducts, Side baffles

Ease of Use:
Simplifies future planning by allowing side to side equipment to be placed anywhere in the data center.
Isolation of hot and cold aisle:
Unique design delivers cold air to the intake and isolation of hot and cold aisle ensuring cooler intake temperatures, increasing equipment life.
Networking enclosure system compatible:
Specifically designed to work with NetShelter Networking Enclosures and includes zero U mounting brackets for networking switches.
Single design:
Simplified selection to ensure compatibility with Cisco® 6500 and 9500 series networking switches.

Increases Airflow:
Provides proper intake temperatures, increasing equipment life.

Easy to install:
Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.


Maximum Height: 88mm , 8.81cm
Maximum Width: 617mm , 61.71cm
Maximum Depth: 454mm , 45.44cm
Rack Height: 4U
Net Weight: 0.91kg
Shipping Weight: 5.19kg
Shipping Height: 171mm , 17.1cm
Shipping Width: 483mm , 48.3cm
Shipping Depth: 737mm , 73.7cm
Color: Black
Rack Width: 19"

Standard warranty: 2 years repair or replace

Sustainable Offer Status
RoHS: Compliant
REACH: Contains No SVHCs

SKU # AB83369 | Model # AR7715

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