Adonit Mini 4 - Olive Green
SKU# AC21227, Model# ADM4OG

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SKU # AC21227 | Model # ADM4OG | Brand Adonit

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Adonit Mini 4 - Olive Green - Stylus for Touchscreen Devices - Compatible with: All iOS and most Android Devices - Precision Disk Tip - Laser-Cut Clip - ADM4OG - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

· Precision Disc creates a precise contact point with the screen and provides added stability
· Smooth brushed metal body is built for portability with professional stylish appeal
· New split barrel design enables you to untwist and reveal the disc, flip it around, and twist closed to securely attach
· Laser-cut clip to carry Mini 4 anywhere you go
· Compatible with all touchscreen devices, incl. iPhone 8/8s & 8/8s Plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9 & S7/S8+/S9+, Google Pixel/XL & 2/2XL

Adonit Mini 4 - Olive Green

The Mini 4 is a powerful and pocket-sized tool built to withstand daily use, designed with being mobile in mind. Take notes, sketches, and navigate on the go with accuracy anytime, anywhere.

The new split barrel design houses the disc tip within its own solid metal barrel body, keeping the disc tip securely in place and protected when on the go. To use, simply untwist the two barrels at the colour seem to reveal the disc tip, flip it around, and twist closed to securely attach. Mini 4 is compatible with all touchscreen devices and is the perfect stylus for mobile. No battery or setup is required, simply touch the tip to the screen and start drawing and taking notes.

Learn more about the Adonit Mini 4 - Olive Green at Adonit's Official Website here!

Adonit Mini 4 - Olive Green - Desktop Overview 1

SKU # AC21227 | Model # ADM4OG

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