Adaptec Series 6 Serial RAID Controller (ASAR6405KIT)
SKU# AA21014, Model# ASAR6405KIT

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SKU # AA21014 | Model # ASAR6405KIT | Brand Adaptec

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Adaptec Series 6 Family Of Unified Serial RAID Controller 6405 - 6Gb/s Throughput - 4 Internal Ports Low-Profile MD2 - SAS 2.0 Interface & PCI-E Gen 2 host Connection - Hybrid RAID 1 & 10 - Up To 256 SATA/SAS Drives (ASAR6405KIT)

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty
Rating: 4.2 stars - 44 reviews

The Series 6 family of high-performance Adaptec Unified Serial® (SATA/SAS) RAID controllers offers maximum performance, scalability and reliability. With the enhanced bandwidth of its 6 Gb/s SAS2.0 interfaces and the PCIe Gen2 host connection it offers up to 60% higher sustained sequential throughput than previous generation controllers.

Based on PMC-Sierra''s market-leading, multi-core SRC 8x6G RAID-on-Chip (RoC) the Adaptec RAID 6805 can deliver up to 2 GB/s sustained data transfer rate to the host. Peak performance is up to 4.8GB/s through the SAS 2.0 interfaces and 4.0GB/s through the PCIe Gen2 host interface. Using SAS expanders, it can connect up to 256 SATA/SAS.

The Adaptec RAID 6805 supports a broad range of operating systems, compatibility with more than 300 third-party devices, and full integration with Adaptec Storage Manager™ for centralized management of all Adaptec RAID controllers on the network.

Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection Kit Option – Maximum protection and Savings
Adaptec Series-6 is the industry''s first Unified Serial RAID controller which offers Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection that eliminates Battery backup Units ( BBUs) in favor of 4GB of NAND flash memory to protect cached data and eliminate the installation, monitoring, maintenance, disposal and replacement costs associated with BBUs. Available as a separate Kit: Adaptec Flash Module 600

Intelligent Power Management - Reduce Power by up to 70%
Adaptec Intelligent Power Management slashes power and cooling costs by spinning down idle disks and providing a lower power mode for active disks.

• 6 Gb/s throughput at each port
• PMC-Sierra PM8013 Dual Core RAID on Chip (ROC)
• SAS 2.0 interfaces and PCIe Gen 2 Host Connection
• 4- and 8-port low-profile MD2
• Supports up to 256 SATA or SAS devices
• Enclosure management support via LED header and SES2/ SGPIO
• Intelligent Power Management – Reduces power and cooling costs by as much as 70%
• Adaptec Flash Module 600 (AFM-600): Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection with 4GB NAND flash (separate Kit):
– No data loss from power failures: Replaces lithium ion batteries
– Low Operating Costs: No installation, monitoring, maintenance, disposal or replacement costs due to batteries
– Maintenance-free cached data protection
–Instant RAID cache protection
–Environmentally conscious
– No toxic battery disposal
– Simplified IATA compliance
• Hybrid RAID 1 & 10: SSD + HDD for Maximum Performance and Reliability

Key RAID Features
• Supports up to 256 SATA or SAS devices using SAS expanders
• RAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 5, 5EE, 6, 10, 50, 60 and JBOD
• Quick initialization
• Online Capacity Expansion
• Copyback Hot Spare
• Dynamic caching algorithm
• Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
• Background initialization
• Hot-plug drive support
• RAID Level Migration
• Hot spares – global, dedicated, and pooled
• Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spares
• SES and SAF-TE enclosure management
• Configurable stripe size
• S.M.A.R.T. support
• Multiple arrays per disk drive
• Dynamic sector repair
• Staggered drive spin-up
• Bootable array support
• Optimized Disk Utilization

SKU # AA21014 | Model # ASAR6405KIT

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