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Adaptec Family Of Unified Serial RAID Controller
SKU# AA21017, Model# ASAR2805KIT

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SKU # AA21017 | Model # ASAR2805KIT

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Adaptec Series 2 Family Of Unified Serial RAID Controller 2805 - 8 Internal Ports - 8-Lan PCI-E Bus Interface - 0,1,1E & 10 RAID Levels - Up To 128 SATA/SAS Drives (ASAR2805KIT)

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty

The Series 2 family of Adaptec Unified Serial™ (SATA/SAS) RAID controllers leverages the same industry-leading dual-core hardware RAID design as our industry-leading Series 5 Performance RAID controllers.

The Adaptec RAID 2805 features 800 MHz of processing power, a 128MB of DDR2 write cache, connectivity with the latest x8 PCI-Express, and direct I/O connectivity for SATA/SAS tape devices and hard drives. Using SAS expanders, it supports up to 128 devices.

The Adaptec RAID 2805 supports a wide range of operating systems, compatibility with more than 300 third-party devices, and full integration with Adaptec Storage Manager™ for centralized management of all Adaptec RAID controllers on the network.

Intelligent Power Management - Reduce Power by up to 70%
The power required by disks is a primary ongoing storage cost. Full power is maintained to every disk whether it is actively being used or not, which also increases cooling costs. Adaptec Intelligent Power Management slashes power and cooling costs by spinning down idle disks and providing a lower power mode for active disks.

• Intelligent Power Management
• 8 internal ports
• MD2 – Low profile form factor
• 800MHz processor
• 8-Lane PCI-Express bus interface
• 0, 1, 1E, and 10 RAID levels
• Support for Hybrid SSD/HDD RAID 1, 10
• 128MB DDR2 cache
• Up to 128 SATA or SAS drives using SAS expanders
• 2 SFF-8087 (int.) connectors
• Adaptec Storage Manager, Copyback Hot Spare management features
• RoHS compliant
• 3 years warranty
• Complete List of Supported Operating Systems

Key RAID Features
• Supports 8 direct-attached or up to 128 SATA or SAS disk drives using SAS expanders
• Quick initialization
• Online Capacity Expansion
• Copyback Hot Spare
• Dynamic caching algorithm
• Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
• Background initialization
• Hot-plug drive support
• RAID Level Migration
• Hot spares – global, dedicated, and pooled
• Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spares
• SAF-TE enclosure management
• Configurable stripe size
• S.M.A.R.T. support
• Multiple arrays per disk drive
• Bad stripe table
• Dynamic sector repair
• Staggered drive spin-up
• Bootable array support
• Optimized Disk Utilization

SKU # AA21017 | Model # ASAR2805KIT

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