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3M Core5 Commercial Grade CAT6 SFTP Shielded Network / Patch Cable - AUSTEL
SKU# AB53618, Model# CL193BU

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SKU # AB53618 | Model # CL193BU | Brand Core5

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Supports up to 10Gbps,50 micron Gold Plated Contacts each with plastic separator spine double foil shielded around outer With Drain wire steel. earth lead. AUSTEL Approved.

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

SHIELDED PAIRS up to 10Gbps RJ45 Male to Male Shielded Plugs 50μ Gold Plated contacts

Each twisted pair foil shielded with plastic separator spine Double Foil shielded around outer layer with Drain wire steel earth lead Durable flexible Blue jacket Very wide bandwidth ethernet


What is SFTP or Screened Foiled Twisted Pair?

Four pairs of two insulated copper wires twisted around each other to reduce crosstalk or electromagnetic induction between the pairs. A metallic foil is applied to each pair of wires, with an overall metallic foil and/or braid wrapped around the four pairs. Virtually eliminates electrical noise from within the cable (crosstalk between cable pairs) and from outside the cable and between cables (EMI, radiation, electromagnetic induction, and RFI)

SKU # AB53618 | Model # CL193BU

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