3Dconnexion Pro Wireless Bundle
SKU# AC35327, Model# 3Dconnexion Pro Wireless Bundle

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SKU # AC35327 | Model # 3Dconnexion Pro Wireless Bundle | Brand 3Dconnexion

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3Dconnexion Pro Wireless Bundle: Includes SpaceMouse Pro Wireless plus Accesories (3D Rotational Mouse) + CadMouse Pro Wireless plus Accesories (Egonomic shaped mouse with customisable radial menu) + CadMouse Pad Compact (Optimized surface coating for 3dConnexion devices - Non-slip silicone base) - 3Dconnexion Pro Wireless Bundle - 3 Years Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty

· 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor designed to manipulate digital content and camera positions in industry-leading CAD applications
· QuickView Keys offer fingertip access to 12 views, making it easier to detect errors, explore alternatives and present work more effectively
· Keyboard modifiers provide easy access to Control, Shift, Alt, Esc functions
· Automatically assigns appropriate commands to four large, soft-touch intelligent function keys depending on the application
· Includes a small, high performance universal receiver, USB hub and stylish travel case

Connect on a deeper level with your 3D content. SpaceMouse Pro Wireless’s patented 6-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) controller cap delivers natural feeling 3D navigation designed specifically for professionals.

Smoothly pan, zoom and rotate models and cameras. Easily position parts, assemblies and designs. Intuitively examine and analyze your designs from every angle. It’s as close to holding your model as you can get.

While your standard mouse selects, creates and edits, the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless handles 3D navigation for a revolutionary two-handed work style preferred by the world’s top engineers, architects and 3D professionals.

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SKU # AC35327 | Model # 3Dconnexion Pro Wireless Bundle

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