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MusicTooth PRO Wireless Music Adapter
SKU# AA01364, Model# 8WD-MTOOTHPRO

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SKU # AA01364 | Model # 8WD-MTOOTHPRO

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MusicTooth PRO Wireless Music Adapter for iPhone/iPod & Smartphone (8WD-MTOOTHPRO)

Following on from the success of the original MusicTooth, has introduced an alternate model – the MusicTooth PRO – which makes compatibility between virtually any speaker-system a possibility. While both models rely on similar technology, there are some specific differences with regards to compatibility and power which essentially differentiate them as wireless audio solutions.

Where the original MusicTooth would connect any Bluetooth enabled phone or device to only Apple speaker docks, the ‘PRO’ version can now connect via 3.5mm jack to virtually any speaker system, anywhere, anytime. Such limitless compatibility is sure to appeal to consumers who aren’t exclusively Apple focused.

Furthermore, the original MusicTooth sourced its power from the Apple connector on the speaker dock whereas the updated MusicTooth PRO with expanded compatibility - comes with its own power adaptor included.

The difference in the capabilities of each device accommodate a slightly different wireless audio consumer, however each possesses superior design standards and ultimate Bluetooth functionality.

The MusicTooth PRO, like its predecessor, is incredibly small in size (no bigger than a 20c coin) making it ultra-portable and inconspicuous. It connects to your speaker dock allowing you to keep your phone or audio device with you at all times; controlling the music, skipping tracks, or adjusting the volume without having to venture anywhere near the actual speaker dock.


• Streaming - Stream music from any Bluetooth portable device.
• Wireless Audio - Listen to music with better sound quality than the built-in speakers in your portable devices.
• Easy Setup - Connect MusicToothPro to your speakers using standard 3.5mm or RCA cable.
• Tiny & Slim Design - The stylish, slim MusicToothPro complements any home-audio system.
• Bluetooth mobile device must support A2DP or AVRCP profiles
- These can include iPhones, iPods, iPads, Laptops, PCs and various other mobile phones and devices
• No software or drivers and no PC/MAC connection required
• Supports play/pause/skip and volume functions from your phone via A2DP (Bluetooth) connection

SKU # AA01364 | Model # 8WD-MTOOTHPRO

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