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What are the different types of Printers?


Printers come in a variety of different types, which all have their individual features and purposes.  Depending on your needs, the price and size of your printer will vary.  Two of the most common printers are inkjet and laser; the former sprays ink through fine nozzles, while the latter uses a heated fuser and a toner cartridge to transfer the content onto paper.  Nowadays, you can purchase a simple laser printer for about the same price as a basic inkjet printer.  However, these cheaper laser printers generally only print black and white, which you should keep in mind if you need colour printing.  Both inkjet and laser printings all come with mono and colour versions. Printers are also widely used in all types of organisation and business. A large range of mid-high end enterprise printers with multi functions can be chosen based the work applications. Other kinds of printers include 3D printers, label printers, thermal photo printers, and the older dot matrix printers.


How do I choose which Printer to purchase?


There are several factors that you will want to consider when deciding on a printer.  The first question you should ask yourself is what you need the printer to do, as this will dictate what kind of price range you will be looking at.  Different things that may influence your choice include whether you only need black and white printing or if you also need colour printing. If you require an enterprise standard printer, the amount of space you have available, whether you’d rather a laser printer or inkjet printer (which will influence the price of ink and toner), the sizes of paper you will need to print content onto (if you only require an A4 tray, or if you need more varieties), and how many users will be using the device. 


If there will be multiple users accessing the printer, you should consider purchasing a network printer, as it contains an inbuilt network interface.  A popular solution to circumstances such as these are the increasingly popular wireless printers, which allows all users connected to the same network to all share the single printer, minus all the cables.


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