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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 Products

Buy SFX Power Supply Units (PSUs) from Mwave!

Small form-factor desktop Power Supply Units (PSUs) are typically available in two different form-factors, ATX and SFX. You will need to identify which type of PSU is compatible with your computer case. Typically, small mini-ITX cases may require SFX PSUs. You will also need to identify how long (mm or cm) your desired PSU can be, to be compatible with your rig. Let us help you find the right power supply to fit your case, needs and budget. We offer SFX PSUs from leading PSU brands such as, Corsair, Silverstone and more! Everything from entry-level SFX PSUs, up to the ultra-efficient, multi-GPU 700W 80 Plus Platinum Silverstone SST-SX700 SFX PSU to get you powered up.