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USB sticks are your portable and convenient data storage solution. Our vast selection ensures you get the storage capacity, speed, and reliability you need. Whether for transferring documents, storing photos, or carrying software on the go, our USB flash drives are the portable solution you can trust.

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Showing 1 - 0 of 0 Products

Shop USB Flash Drives at Mwave!

At Mwave, we stock a wide variety of USB flash drives to suit any of your needs and budget. USB flash drives are available with either the traditionally USB Type-A or new USB Type-C (typically suits both mobile devices and computers) along with either USB2.0, USB3.0 or USB3.1. Adding a USB flash drive to your accessories is a great way of adding storage for your files, photos or even programs on your computer. Some USB drives are available with two types of connections - typically USB A and USB C to improve compatibility with devices. We also stock USB flash drives with both USB A and Lightning connections for improving compatibility with Apple devices (e.g. MacBooks/iPhones/iPads). We offer USB flash drives from leading flash memory brands such as ADATA, Corsair, Kingston, SanDisk, and many more!